Working To Bring Wealth And Power Back To The Public


Innovation That Matters

Cotonomy unites the public's power as consumers so they can transform the relationship between business and people. Why? So the public can create an economy that is more vibrant and better aligned with their interests versus serving the interests of a few mega companies and their owners.

The Need For Change

We have all seen the stats: 20 people in the US own as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the population; College students are graduating deeply in debt and unable to find the jobs and income they need; Our aging workforce has little savings after a lifetime of work. We are a nation of "at will" employees with no financial security. Even our government is deeply in debt.

All this while the wealth and power of our nation consolidates into the hands of fewer companies and their owners. The reality is that this path is unsustainable for creating a vibrant free society or healthy economy. You know it and we know it. The question is whether you will choose to be part of the solution.

What Is Cotonomy

Co – from the word community. Tonomy – from the word autonomy. The community coming together to ensure our individual autonomy. How? By uniting the power of people, technology and our enduring belief in a better way. Together we can modernize this economy so it delivers power, wealth and control back to the people versus letting it continue to consolidate into the hands of a few businesses and their owners.

Our time to modernize is now!

Join Together!

  • Income is freedom, opportunity and security. 85% of our working population relies on someone else for a salary. As consumers, we have the power to build an economy that creates more business owners, more jobs and higher pay.
  • We've fought together for 240 years to protect our democracy and our individual freedoms while our individual economic sovereignty evaporates. Now we join together to build a more vibrant economy better aligned with our financial interests.
  • We are consumers and employees. This means we control both the carrot and the stick when it comes to creating an economy that can create more businesses and more better paying jobs versus higher profits for a few businesses and their owners.
  • Like individuals, small business owners are in a fight for their life to compete against the growth of "megastores". To survive, small business owners must enlist the public's help. But, to get this help requires supporting a better way of communicating.
  • Businesses and employees share a symbiotic relationship. With fewer businesses come fewer jobs and less customers. It's good for business to support a model that creates more businesses and broadens the public's wealth.
  • Are you supporting a playing field that helps your small business or instead backing a game that is squeezing you right out of the competition?