Frequently Asked Questions

We take steps to comply with industry standards for security BUT we believe no site is secure from being hacked. We protect our members by NOT COLLECTING any sensitive information such as banking information, credit card numbers, medical information, or social security numbers. Since WE DON’T COLLECT IT our members have no risk of it being stolen from us. The questions we ask in the profile are either around personal taste, style, or demographic information. We do ask for your name, email address and mailing address. We do this so we can (1) verify only one account per person and (2) mail checks for the money you earn. None of this information (except for zip code) is ever shared with advertisers.

We currently charge businesses a minimum of .30 cents to contact a member. Cotonomy receives 15% of this and the remaining 85% goes to you. This means you earn a minimum of .25 cents for every ad you receive. The amount you receive per ad increases as your view and click rate rises. It is more profitable to receive fewer ads that you want to view than lots of ads you choose not to view. In addition, the more information a business uses to find the audience it wants to advertise to, the more the ad recipients are paid. This compensates people for filling out more of their profile to ensure ads are relevant. Just five relevant ads per day can add up to between $38 and $76 per month depending on your view or click rate. The more people that join and use Cotonomy the more businesses will want to advertise here. This increases the amount of money member can earn. We want Cotonomy to be the way all businesses advertise. Therefore, it is our goal to see all $125 billion dollars a year spent on advertising go to the people who are advertised to.

You earn cash for every ad you receive. You are not required to view ads to earn money. The higher the rate you view and click on ads the more you’re paid for each ad you receive. Businesses can choose to send ads only those members who have a high view or click rate. The key is to ensure the ads you recieve are relevant so you want to view them. Cotonomy gives you the power to ensure ads are relevant while still protecting your privacy. 

Cotonomy puts the wealth and control of advertising in the hands of the people being advertised to. We are looking to put one of the most lucrative and powerful industries into the hands of the public. We believe by doing this we can build a world where individual privacy is strengthened and protected from intrusion by corporations. We also believe that this change will give millions of micro and small businesses an affordable way to advertising and compete for your business. This will help create more jobs and provide greater consumer choice. More choice gives people greater control over which businesses get to lead and influence our society.   

Advertising in the US is worth over $125 billion dollars a year. Many feel this number dramtically understates what businesses can spend on advertising if there was a more cost effective solution. Any money spent on advertising through Cotonomy results in 85% going to the ad recipients and 15% going to Cotonomy. We give our customers the majority of the revenue because we see them as creating the majority of our value. We are looking to spread the billions spent on advertising across our members so we can become a meaningful source of monthly income for them and their family. 

We are unlike any survey or coupon site. In fact, we are a completely new type of business designed to bring together the power of the public so together they can provide a necessary service and get paid market value for that service.  

As a regular coporporation our legal and fiduciary responsibility would be to make all decisions in the context of maximizing shareholder value. We dissagree with such a narrow focus. As a public benefit corporation we can make decisions in the broader context of how they affect our customers, environment and community. We see this flexibility as being crucial to being a valuable business to the community we serve. As a public benefit company, we are subject to evaluation by an external third party to validate whether we are meeting our public benefit standard. We think this level of transparency is good for our customers and Cotonomy.

Small businesses employ the vast majority of people in our country. They also drive innovation and provide greater consumer choice. Our local communities benefit from their tax dollars and the support they provide to local communities. Advertising is so inefficient that most small businesses cannot afford to use paid advertising to grow their business. This puts them at a huge disadvantage for competing against big businesses. As more small business fail or get consolidated into one big business this creates fewer jobs, slower innovation and less consumer choice. It is in all our interest to see that small businesses have a fair opportunity to compete for our business. 

Chris Dailey is the founder and CEO of Cotonomy. Cotonomy has not solicited or taken money from any outside investors. Our goal is to raise money as needed through crowd funding. We want the public to be the primary investors in Cotonomy because it is through their participation that the majority of value is created. Our goal is to vest people in protecting their personal privacy by deeply vesting them in the financial value it creates.  

All ads received by a Cotonomy member must be viewed within the Cotonomy app. This avoids having ads intrude into your email box, text, phone or other areas of your life. Keep in mind, advertisers are not shown your email address, mailing address or name. This means they can only send ads through Cotonomy. As Cotonomy becomes the most effective way for businesses to advertise, the fewer ads you will experience outside of Cotonomy. 

No. The ads you receive through Cotonomy pay you and respect your privacy. The ads you receive elsewhere don’t. Its up to you which ads you want more of.

The more information a business uses to contact you the more they pay you for receiving their ad. Some businesses will choose to only contact people who have answered certain questions. The more you complete your profile the more relevant the ads you receive. The more relevant the ads the more interest you have in viewing them. As your view and click rate goes up the more you earn for each ad you receive.

If you are going to be a member then why not receive ads that are relevant so you will choose to view them?  Businesses are looking to pay to contact people who are active on Cotonomy. This way the money they pay to advertise is worth it. The fewer ads you view the fewer businesses will pay to contact you. Why not get paid for letting the right companies contact you instead of spending your free time searching for them? 

This varies for each member depending on which businesses are advertising and whether you fit their ideal audience. As we add more advertisers ads will come more quickly and frequently. We appreciate your patience as we grow the number of businesses that advertise. 

What you are getting for “free” is not free. You are providing your attention and personal data to someone so they can use it to earn money selling advertising. You don’t know what that free service is costing you until you see what you can earn for yourself. Free services in exchange for advertising will not go away overnight. But, we believe the better content providers with the more compelling music, videos or content will continue to start charging people money for access. This is because fewer businesses can afford to pay for advertising that most people ignore. At Cotonomy, our goal is to make sure you earn the money from advertising so you can buy the content you want without the ads.  And, we want businesses to have effective advertising so they can create jobs and offer the choice we need. 

The money you earn keeps accumulating each month until you reach a minimum of $10. By mailing checks to members only when their balance is at least $10 it helps reduce our check processing fees. This allows us to let you earn 85% while we earn 15%.  

Just email us at or call us at 415-292–6740. We will be happy to issue you a new one.