Why Join

What's At Stake Has Never Been Bigger

Cotonomy gives the public a strategy and tool for revolutionizing the relationship between the public and business so the public gains the power to build an economy that creates more jobs, more small business owners and greater control over which businesses succeed. 

We are caught in a cycle that is fueling greater business and wealth consolidation. As this happens, it creates mega companies that can use their size and leverage to further drive their competitors out of business. Fewer businesses equal less jobs, lower pay, and less consumer choice. This combination creates a public that is slowly drained of their control and economic sovereignty as it transfers to a select few companies and their owners.

Cotonomy was founded as a way for the public to reverse this consolidation of wealth and power while building a modern economy that is more vibrant and aligned with the priorities and values of the public. 

Why Join? 

Because you recognize what is going on and how it is unsustainable economically, socially and environmentally. It is not about being "Pro" business or "Anti" business. It is about being pro people and modernizing our economy so it creates more jobs for all people and so all people can afford an increasing standard of living. You join because we cannot live in a democracy where the public has little control over business and business is the most influential power over all aspects of our life. Civil liberties without economic sovereignty isn't freedom. You join because you recognize it's time to do more than talk about the problems or expect things to change with one more partisan election. 


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  More businesses means more jobs and more power for consumers to choose the companies that align with their values and priorities. Competition is good for bringing wealth and power back to the public and Cotonomy is the strategy and tool for helping drive this change.