If You Want to End Corporate Power’s Control Then Abandon a Political Solution!

Corporate power is the biggest barrier to the type of dramatic social, economic and political change we need. Each day more of us feel frustrated and, even worse, disempowered because we cannot affect the change we want even though we grow more conscious of the obstacle. We created Cotonomy to provide the tools and strategy for empowering people to remove this barrier so we can renew building a world in harmony with our planet and its people.

The fundamental problem with overcoming corporate power is our belief that a solution can be found through our political process or through some large-scale political revolution. This thinking reveals a misunderstanding around the limitations of government and the nature of corporate power.

Our government cannot employ enough people to solve the core issues of wealth creation and wealth inequality. Wealth inequality cannot be handled without massive job creation and our politicians and federal government do not have the power or skill to achieve this. The issue in America and the world is this: How do we create enough high paying jobs so more people have the necessary income to afford a life worth living? Liberty today is driven by income and income is driven by jobs.

We have allowed a system to exist where our politicians require huge sums of money to get elected and companies can pour billions into lobbying our federal government. Our elected officials are more influenced by the wealth and power of corporations and their owners than by a majority of citizens. If we know this to be true then how can we possibly turn to our politicians for help in controlling the influence of corporate power? They have failed to protect us from corporate power’s encroachment into our individual liberty and the economic sovereignty of our nation. Our elected officials swore an oath to protect us from such domestic attacks to our constitutional rights and yet have failed to honor this oath.

Protesting, signing petitions, and voting are all attempts to bring about change through a political solution. It will not work against the challenge we face today! Do you really believe we are just an election away from the dramatic change we need? The poor keep getting poorer, the planet keeps getting sicker, the middle class continues to evaporate, and our nation goes deeper into debt. We are bankrupting our communities and families because of a movement to privatize more of our economy while transferring the economic burden to individuals and families as they struggle for job security, a living wage or to pay the debt of their basic education. If you understand that corporate power and its ideology is the problem and you care about the direction of our society then you must embrace a new strategy for change.

To drive significant social and political progress in this country we need an economic revolution that is led by the people. The tools and strategy of building this new economy must be within the hands of the people. Just like our political system was shaped by the power to vote, our new economy must be shaped by all those with the power to buy. We must evolve our economy like we evolved our political system so we can create an economy where business is of the people, by the people and for the people. We must meet this power that stands as an obstacle to human progress with the type of force it will responds to.

Corporate power’s main focus is to maximize shareholder value. If you want to influence corporate power and its owners then you must affect corporate profits. Why corporate power has been so successful at making itself impenetrable to any such attack is because of its ability to limit our choice and threaten job cuts. Corporations grow stronger and more profitable when our choice of competitors is less and when they can lower their cost of labor. Such a combined motivation is the antithesis of building a healthier economy and stronger democracy.

Ninety percent of the working population today is dependent upon their employer to pay their wages. Compare this to just over a hundred years ago when eighty-five percent of the working population were farmers. Liberty becomes an illusion when a person can stand on his own two feet but only on a carpet owned by someone else.

Today, older citizens live in fear of losing their job and younger citizens fear being underemployed while carrying their college loans. All this fear is rational when so few can sustain themselves without income for any reasonable period of time. We are a nation of at will employees who can be dropped at anytime for any reason. Our entire economic safety net is in the hands of a power whose sole motivation is to maximize profits by reducing competition and lowering its labor expense. A work force living in fear and debt creates a powerful tool for keeping wages low, hours long and mouths shut.

The pinnacle of corporate coercion is when it can declare to our government and taxpayers that it is officially too big to fail due to the control it has over its industry and the job losses it can create. This results in taxpayers having to cover the speculative or fraudulent losses of their economic rulers so their owners will not sacrifice thousands to the unemployment line. We are no longer free in such a society!

We created Cotonomy as the economic tool and strategy for increasing the choice we have as consumers and for removing the threat by corporations that any new choice will only result in jobs losses. Cotonomy achieves this by bringing people together to help more micro and small businesses succeed so they can offer us better choices while creating more jobs. The key to this new strategy is to put advertising in the control of people who are advertised to.

Advertising is the most powerful way businesses influence our power to choose. It is also the most powerful way that businesses compete against each other. Without customers businesses have no power. Without effective advertising businesses have little power to compete for customers.

It may seem counter intuitive but advertising today is a barrier to creating choice for consumers. This is because many new, micro or small businesses cannot afford to advertise due to the inefficiency of today’s advertising model. The easiest way to understand this is by asking yourself how many ads you ignore each day. Think of all the money millions of businesses pay for these useless ads. The fewer businesses that can afford to advertise the less choice you have and less competition exists for large companies. As small businesses fail or are forced to sell out to their larger competitors, we get less choice and less influence over the massive corporations that are created.

Cotonomy seeks to change this by empowering people to reclaim their personal privacy so they can create an advertising system that gives them the most powerful control over which businesses get to lead and influence our economy. It is an advertising system that empowers huge growth in the number of micro and small businesses that can compete. In addition, people control who can advertise to them, when ads get viewed and what data gets shared with businesses. They also get paid for every ad they receive. This is compensation by businesses for building an advertising method that is more efficient.

Cotonomy seeks to implement a strategy that creates jobs while giving people greater choice. This allows us to begin draining power from the companies who stand as an obstacle to positive change while economically empowering ourselves.

Our founding fathers were considered revolutionaries and traitors not because they were anti-government but because they believed that government should entrust its power to the people it serves. Cotonomy is not anti-business but believes there is a more vibrant and enduring economy that can be built if it entrusts its power to the people it serves.

The preservation of your personal privacy is critical to giving you the power to turn advertising into a tool for revolutionizing our economy and unlocking the most positive social change of the 21st century. We hope you will join Cotonomy and continue to learn more about this new strategy for reclaiming your liberty and for building a world that works better for all of us.