How To Unlock The Most Positive Social, Economic And Political Change Of The 21st Century

I believe the greatest social, economic and political change of the 21st century can occur if we put the wealth and control of advertising into the hands of the people being advertised to. Why? So the public finally has a tool for controlling corporate power. This control is essential when we live in a world where corporate power has the greatest influence over our planet, government and life. Through the public’s control of advertising they gain the power to control which companies get to succeed or fail. We turn advertising into the public’s instrument for building an economy that is more aligned with their priorities and values. How? It begins by people accepting that to bring about the degree of change we need we cannot look to our government because our government is too entrenched with protecting the interests of corporations. If we want meaningful change then we must rely on the public to act. The vulnerability of corporate power is its dependence on maximizing profits. The most effective strategy for hurting a company’s profits is to support its competitor who is more aligned with your values. In order to have this choice, we must ensure businesses of all size and financial means can cost effectively offer their product or service. The most effective way for making this happen is by putting the public in control of advertising. Advertising is the most powerful tool businesses use to compete against each other and for influencing our choice. Through the public’s control of advertising they take control of the most powerful tool for shaping the economy. They also get to reclaim their personal privacy and get paid for their effort. This is why we built Cotonomy We hope you will join us.