How much money will I earn each month?

We currently charge businesses a minimum of .30 cents to contact a member. Cotonomy receives 15% of this and the remaining 85% goes to you. This means you earn a minimum of .25 cents for every ad you receive. The amount you receive per ad increases as your view and click rate rises. It is more profitable to receive fewer ads that you want to view than lots of ads you choose not to view. In addition, the more information a business uses to find the audience it wants to advertise to, the more the ad recipients are paid. This compensates people for filling out more of their profile to ensure ads are relevant. Just five relevant ads per day can add up to between $38 and $76 per month depending on your view or click rate. The more people that join and use Cotonomy the more businesses will want to advertise here. This increases the amount of money member can earn. We want Cotonomy to be the way all businesses advertise. Therefore, it is our goal to see all $125 billion dollars a year spent on advertising go to the people who are advertised to.