How is Cotonomy different from other companies where people get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, giving feedback…?

Cotonomy puts the wealth and control of advertising in the hands of the people being advertised to. We are looking to put one of the most lucrative and powerful industries into the hands of the public. We believe by doing this we can build a world where individual privacy is strengthened and protected from intrusion by corporations. We also believe that this change will give millions of micro and small businesses an affordable way to advertising and compete for your business. This will help create more jobs and provide greater consumer choice. More choice gives people greater control over which businesses get to lead and influence our society.   

Advertising in the US is worth over $125 billion dollars a year. Many feel this number dramtically understates what businesses can spend on advertising if there was a more cost effective solution. Any money spent on advertising through Cotonomy results in 85% going to the ad recipients and 15% going to Cotonomy. We give our customers the majority of the revenue because we see them as creating the majority of our value. We are looking to spread the billions spent on advertising across our members so we can become a meaningful source of monthly income for them and their family. 

We are unlike any survey or coupon site. In fact, we are a completely new type of business designed to bring together the power of the public so together they can provide a necessary service and get paid market value for that service.