Cotonomy's Vision Of The Future Of Advertising

Our vision of advertising is a world where all advertising is completely controlled by the people receiving ads. Each person controls who can advertise to them and when ads are viewed. Ads stop being an active and passive intrusion into our life. Every person controls their personal information so only they can decide what information is shared, who it is shared with and who can profit from its use. Each dollar that every business, non-profit, or community organization spends to advertise would flow to the community of people receiving their ads. Advertising becomes a meaningful source of monthly income in a person or family’s life. We believe by putting the wealth and control of advertising into the hands of the people receiving the ads it will unlock the most positive social change of the 21st century by achieving the following: It will return to people their personal privacy while creating the strongest protection from future intrusion by corporations. It will empower an explosion of micro and small business growth by providing the first truly cost effective way for such businesses to advertise and compete. It will give people greater choice of products and services so they gain real choice in which businesses get to lead and shape our society. It establishes a new business model where the community becomes the provider of the solution while also being the primary recipient of its economic value. The most important businesses over this next century will be those that facilitate such public centric solutions.