The only way to dramatically increase the efficiency of advertising and significantly lower the average cost of gaining a new customer is by making the ad recipient a true partner in the advertising process. At Cotonomy, we are building a new partnership between the community and small businesses that respects and profits both.

Small business are the engine for job creation and consumer empowerment. The community has a vested interest in making sure millions of small businesses start and succeed. Unfortunately, big brands have billions to spend on advertising and lobbying that often distracts us from appreciating the importance of small businesses.

Big businesses gain all the tax credits, bailouts, loans, laws and various incentives to help them lower their costs or boost their revenue, which leaves the small and micro businesses at a unfair advantage. At Cotonomy, we are working to offset this advantage by leveling the playing field through a more effective way to advertise.

And, to achieve this we recruit the most influential and powerful people in the advertising business, your future customers.

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HOW it works

Here, 85% of what you pay for advertising goes directly to the people receiving your ad. This way your ad dollars compensate your future customers for participating in an ad network better designed for you.

Each member or consumer creates a profile here on Cotonomy. The profile consists of questions given to us by the businesses who advertise here. Businesses log into Cotonomy to find the members who best match their product or service. You pay only to advertise to the people you choose.

Creating and sending an ad is easy because it does not require HTML or unique file format. An ad can be in the form of a jpg, jpeg, gif or png. Meaning you can easily create an ad using your basic office software. Once the ad is sent you can track, in Cotonomy, who viewed, clicked or shared the ad with friends.

Those who receive your ad and click on it must indicate their interest. They can choose Favorite, Considering, Not Feeling It or Block. Now ad spending builds a clear picture of whose interested enough to view your ad and of these viewers who has the most interest. This lets you focus your ad spend on those most likely to convert to customers.

At Cotonomy, ads are received by consumers in a free mobile app. This makes ad viewing easy and convenient. Ads are organized by vertical so members can easily find the offers that interest them most. Your ad becomes merchandise in their personalized shopping experience instead of an annoying interruption when they are trying to view a movie, listen to music or read an article. This way ads get a member's full attention.

At Cotonomy, now businesses are able to buy the finest quality of access and data directly from the people most qualified to deliver it. It achieve this by transforming advertising from a game of cat and mouse to a partnership between buyers and sellers that dramatically lowers the cost of gaining a new customer. In return, it respects an individual's personal privacy while providing them the most relevant ad experience. It also compensates participants for building a better ad network.


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