The Strategy

Advertising is the most powerful tool that businesses use to compete against each other. It encompasses both helping consumers discover their products and how they influence our choice. In order for a business to thrive and compete, it must succeed at finding a cost effective way to get the attention of their ideal audience. What does this matter to you? If the public controls then they can reshape the landscape that businesses compete, which gives them greater control over who wins. An analogy that illustrates the power the public gains would be to imagine two parties having a bike race and the public gets to decide who gets the bike. Access to the public's attention is life or death in business competition.

Your Control Panel

Control what categories and which businesses you receive ads from.
Control your personal data and information. You are always anonymous.
Decide when ads get viewed so they don’t interrupt or invade your life.
Get paid by every business that send you an ad.

The Tool

What does the public control if it controls advertising. First, they control their personal data from the collection, sale and use for the purposes of advertising. Second, they control when any ad gets viewed in their life and who can advertise to them. Third, the money paid to advertise to people goes to the person receiving the ad. Cotonomy has built the technology to allow people to begin building this network.

Today, advertising is controlled by everyone but the ad recipient. Your attention and your data is being taken and used by third parties to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and over a trillion dollars in equity value for a small number of shareholders. While these social networks, search engines, and media companies get wealthier off brokering your data and attention they provide a system of advertising that destroys personal privacy and is so inefficient that many small businesses cannot afford to use paid advertising. This allows the bigger or better funded company the unfair advantage of using paid advertising to dominate the competition, which helps limit new business growth and job growth. And guess what that helps to do - further consolidate wealth and power into fewer companies while also limiting the power of consumer choice.

Cotonomy is designed to put the public in control of advertising because only they are the best positioned to make advertising more efficient for the businesses aligned with their values and priorities. Public owned advertising allows the hundreds of billions of dollars businesses spend each year on advertising to now flow to the public while giving the public back their personal privacy to shape a business landscape that empowers them.

The Change

If you want to drive meaningful change you must be influencing the people with the power to make change possible. Businesses create the jobs and produce the products and services that influence our health, safety, happiness and planet. If we want to start shaping a world that truly reflects the values and priorities of the people then the people must have a direct method for controlling what businesses get to shape our world. We live to shape a world that serves our highest aspirations as people not to deliver the highest profit margins to business. Advertising is the most powerful way businesses compete and once it is in the public's control they get to reshape the relationship between people and business so that people once again are in control of their economic liberty.