The Real Front In The Battle For Democracy

Have you ever questioned how your modern role as employee actually conflicts with your status as a free citizen?

Never has it been more important for people to see beyond the massive power employers have over our life and planet and examine how this unique relationship shapes our higher status as a free person living in a democracy.

The Public's Takeover Of Advertising

What comes to mind when you think of advertising? Of the many things running through your head, you might not think advertising can be a solution to the disproportionate allocation of wealth and opportunity or a tool for ending the conflict between business and our environment.   

Vote For You This Election

When I started Cotonomy I was given a lot of advice by experts: First I was told that the public won’t understand what I am doing, they need simple ideas. Second, the public does not care about improving the world they just care about what’s in it for them. Third, keep the explanation short because the public does not like to read. The more people that gave me advice the greater their consensus defined a “public” that is dumb, lazy, and self-absorbed. Another interesting detail was how none of the advice givers ever considered themselves part of this public they defined.

A Vaccine for Capitalism

Can you imagine the difficulty in explaining the concept of the smallpox vaccine to people in 1798? A person must trust in the theory that by injecting a small dose of what they fear the most it will rally the body’s defenses to protect it from such a terrible disease. Think of how both doctors and patients must have thought this approach to be so completely illogical and repulsive.

I am asking you to believe that to solve the degradation of our environment and the huge inequality of wealth and opportunity that we must look to the logic of vaccines for a solution.

Socialism, Capitalism or Cotonomy

The debate over whether capitalism or socialism is the better choice for society is ironic when both options fail to position the public as the ultimate force in controlling their nation’s wealth. We invest our emotional and intellectual capital arguing for one side or the other when neither puts us in control of our financial liberty. The time has come to broaden this debate to include Cotonomy.

The definition of the three economic systems is provided here because sometimes a definition is all the persuasion you need.

The Public's Takeover of Advertising Is Inevitable

Right now the existing system of advertising does not work for millions of small and micro businesses. Yet, as defectives as it is, businesses in the US spend between $100 and $200 billion dollars a year for advertising. Advertising also leaves the ad recipient feeling intruded upon, annoyed and overwhelmed due to a barrage of irrelevant and untimely messages. So neither side is getting what they want. This creates a huge opportunity for someone to do it better.

Early Adopters: The Courageous Minority

We do not need to end all other methods of advertising today if we are to create an advertising system controlled by the people who are advertised to. The only people that require such a prerequisite to change are those who are not yet committed to changing advertising.

If You Want to End Corporate Power’s Control Then Abandon a Political Solution!

Corporate power is the biggest barrier to the type of dramatic social, economic and political change we need. Each day more of us feel frustrated and, even worse, disempowered because we cannot affect the change we want even though we grow more conscious of the obstacle. We created Cotonomy to provide the tools and strategy for empowering people to remove this barrier so we can renew building a world in harmony with our planet and its people.

Cotonomy's Vision Of The Future Of Advertising

Our vision of advertising is a world where all advertising is completely controlled by the people receiving ads. Each person controls who can advertise to them and when ads are viewed. Ads stop being an active and passive intrusion into our life. Every person controls their personal information so only they can decide what information is shared, who it is shared with and who can profit from its use. Each dollar that every business, non-profit, or community organization spends to advertise would flow to the community of people receiving their ads.

How To Unlock The Most Positive Social, Economic And Political Change Of The 21st Century

I believe the greatest social, economic and political change of the 21st century can occur if we put the wealth and control of advertising into the hands of the people being advertised to. Why? So the public finally has a tool for controlling corporate power. This control is essential when we live in a world where corporate power has the greatest influence over our planet, government and life. Through the public’s control of advertising they gain the power to control which companies get to succeed or fail.